The chatbots revolution is on the rise



In today’s digital age, chatbots (automated computer programs) are on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Maximum number of companies is using chatbots for making their customer services fast and responsive. These artificial humans have the ability to dig through huge amounts of data to choose and pick out the best chunk for a customer, whether it is a technical solution or suggestion for a new product to choose. Chatbots are not limited by technology because the Artificial intelligence technology is incorporated into them.

Let’s see how chatbots are revolutionizing the whole world

Chatbots for insurance firm

Chatbots have come up with new service for insurance firms where they interact with their employees, customers, agents and help them to solve their problems with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Chatbots help insurance firms by reducing the redundant work involved in doing outbound calls, setting meetings, and increase the overall efficiency. Chatbots in insurance firms also help in tracking on board customers, clients, agents and addressing customer requests and many more. Chatbots automates all the repetitive tasks and thus simplifies the overall work.

Chatbots will replace apps

Chatbots when accompanied by Artificial Intelligence do wonders and much more than the mobile applications because it understands our taste and preferences. Soon many companies are integrating chatbots into their customer services. In coming years, many firms are going say goodbye to websites, apps.

Chatbots in healthcare

Woebots is the first chatbot which focuses on human brain. It asks you certain questions like – not to solve your most complex problems but to know, improve and change your mood and to attenuate symptoms of depression. It can tackle mental issues of humans too. In addition to this, it focuses on understanding a perfect relationship between human behavior and thoughts. We can say it is a great revolution in the field of medical science because there is less application available which helps us to know the human behavior. It may happen that doctor is not able to diagnose all the symptoms, so woebot helps to diagnose such symptoms with the help of artificial Intelligence.

Chatbots for customer care services

One couldn’t help but wonder how it could be that all problems are solved by just sending a single message or how we can get anything by just writing it down on chat window such as “I want ice-cream,” “I want to cancel the fight.” It so happens that we aggressively call on different company’s customer care service numbers and never gets a single response at their end. That is where chatbots come into existence as it may solve your onerous problem as quickly as possible and can make your company one of the best SEO company in SF.


Chatbots will help the organizations to achieve a next level in digital transformation by making the tasks easier and simpler to perform.





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