How Big Data is changing the face of Digital Advertising

Word Cloud "Big Data"

We are entering a new world where data will be more important than software. Marketers today have a different kind of job they have to collect, analyze, and crunch data. Few years ago the main job of marketer was to make attractive ads, billboards but the digital age impelled the marketers to change and to use technology to dispense their messages. The digital age has brought with it heaps of data which has helped the marketer to market new strategies. Consumers therefore are ladle out with useful content through ads, social media. Therefore many Digital Marketing Companies in SF is using Big data.

Key reasons you should take into account while using big data to improve results of digital marketing campaign:-

Data Visualization Tools: With increase in competition, marketers are looking for ways to understand and interpret data speedily. Visualization tools are used to derive actionable cognizance. For business these may include inventory control, customer behavior and preferences. Decisions are made taking into consideration different data points and gathering of different minds can lead to quantum leap to significantly ameliorate business bottom lines.


Use of Historical data: Use of data driven approach will help the marketer to analyze the historical data so that they can take better decisions for future. As a marketer being data driven is the only way to remain pertinent in the digital marketing landscape.

Target Consumers: Online data can be considered as propellant that strengthens any successful digital marketing campaign. There are different forms of digital marketing such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing this creates value for the consumer.

 Crowdsourcing: This is the process of gathering information from the public and data is collected by doings surveys. This is the best process where huge amount of data is handled as it is a big data source which will improve the result of your digital marketing campaign.

 Web Mining: It is a form of mining where useful information is extracted from large amount of data that is from web servers and documents and it allows the business to ingress both unstructured and structured data from page content, server logs, browser activities and other sources.


The real power of big data is the ability to forecast client’s needs and hence offering veracious value. You can actually seize the attention of customers by looking at your competitor’s product/service in real time by grasping eccentric data sources.This is a huge step in the field of Digital Transformation.



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