Innovation and research challenges in IoT


The concept of Internet of Things is internet connects all the physical objects, devices so as to initiate communication between them. The main aim of IoT is to inter-network these devices so that they can collect and exchange data. Today we see that there is huge amount of data that is generated and it is very difficult for a normal human being to analyze record and keep track of data. This data can be captured by computers and it will become very easy to capture, store, and retrieve the data. We will get to know which data to use, substitute, and mend via internet. This is exactly what IoT does for us it enables devices to identify and understand the situation without any human help.


Innovations in IoT


  1. Health Care: There has been great advancement in field of medical science as healthcare, connected devices and IoT represents a very important opening area. It has come up with a device called IRhythm, a medical device and a service company used for cardiac monitoring .IRhythm is using Splunk software to analyze and report on patient use. This has helped the company to achieve high level of efficiency and monitor product performance.


  1. Google’s new IoT core service: Google cloud has launched a new IoT management service called Google IoT Core it will help the companies to manage IoT devices and data generated by these devices. It is providing companies Google’s software services such as Google Cloud Dataflow,Google Big Query, and Google Cloud Machine Learning so as to remove the complexity associated with managing huge amount of data.



  1. IoT Central by Microsoft : It is a new IoT service that provides companies with solution for starting up their IoT deployments without needing any internal expert in that field for deploying a cloud based IoT solution from scratch.


  1. IoT in Smart Cities: It is a development project to enhance and improve the assets of city. It makes use of automatic traffic signal, smart lighting. The main aim is to increase the market visibility and to make cities more attractive and user friendly. They benefit citizens, businesses, Government, and Environment. It provides core infrastructure and improves quality of life for citizens of city and makes the environment sustainable and clean.



These services will help in building great IoT network and in turn will lead to digital transformation and will help many Digital Marketing Companies in SF more efficiently and effectively.



Challenges in IoT


  1. 1. There are communication barriers among devices due to large number of standards and protocols.
  2. Condition of deadlock is created due to huge network traffic and high volume of machine generated data.
  3. Security and privacy challenges are: Confidentiality, Data encryption, Access Control, Authentication, and Authorization.
  4. Connectivity is one important issue in IoT as it will refuse to obey the structure of communication models and the technologies.
  5. Compatibility and Longevity issues such as lack of standardized protocols, operating systems, different firmware, unorganized cloud services.
  6. Change in customers demand, new devices, and lack of understanding by consumers.

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